About Sankalpa:

Sankalpa Agrotech PVT. LTD. is a profit-making company, was established in 2017, April 02. It is a leading Agro-livestock company providing integrated services to the farmers with an aim of making farmers strong and dedicated. The meaning of Sankalpa is commitment for progressive farmers who are empowered by company to raise them with every thing that takes their overall life, income & occupation to greater heights of economic & social success. In our journey of uncompromised quality, dedicated service, higher volumes, profitiable growth, & well-timmed expansion, we have been delivering high quality service to over 300 agro-livestock entrepreneurs and more than 1500 producers with the finest performance of employees, undying trust of customers & ever-increasing trust of stakeholders.

Company is providing marketing services of live goats, underutilized and traditional food grains, species and other agro-products form our valued producers, production groups, cooperatives and connecting with the markets/consumers. On the other hand, company is providing the techincal knowledge & inputs like feeds, manure, seeds, technical service, agro-livestock insurance and follow-up facilities.

Our strategic plan:

To develop agro-livestock enterpreneurship by providing innovative ideas, knowledge sharing, simplified solutions & sustainable approach.

-To develop an agro-livestock business

-Increasing employment, creating more opportunities whilst promoting food security & socio-economic growth.